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easton medley

2019 Recipient

"I am currently attending Emory and Henry College. I am just completing my first year and I am now majoring in History and Social Studies Education. The Mike Smythe Foundation Scholarship has really impacted and helped me in my college career. It has encouraged me to go above and beyond as well as encourage others to do so not only in my academic studies, but also in all other aspects of life."

j mellinger

2018 Recipient

margaret wagner

2017 Recipient

"I am very grateful for the Mike Smythe Foundation and all that I have been able to experience through this scholarship. Not only has the scholarship helped me with school essentials such as books and academic necessities, but it also gave me the opportunity to study abroad in Ireland, which was one of the best experiences of my life. I am currently studying Public Health at Elon University."

abby graham

2016 Recipient

"The Michael Smythe Foundation has opened countless doors for me. Receiving the scholarship helped me attend Willam & Mary, where I graduated in 2.5 years with a B.A. in English. It also led me to my first full time job. I currently work as a technical writer for Kyrus Tech, a company founded by one of the board members of the Michael Smythe Foundation. I’ll forever be grateful for this scholarship and those who support it."

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